Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lesson Guides for Mathbreakers @ Schools

When we set out to disrupt math video games, we were mainly thinking of the players. We expected parents to buy this game for their kids to enjoy and learn math. And they do!

But what about using it in the classroom? Millions of kids every day are stuck in front of some animated worksheet in their computer lab or classroom for math practice, and the vast majority of it is terribly boring. We wanted to get Mathbreakers in the classroom. So what were we missing?

Lesson plans!

OK, it's not really a plan, because once students start playing the game, they pretty much take off. But the teacher still needs to get them started, understand what's going on, and track their progress.

We created a Teacher Class & Dashboard for exactly this purpose. Any teacher who wants to supplement their kids' practice through Mathbreakers can get started in a matter of minutes. The lesson guides we created let them follow along with students as they progress through Integers, Negatives, Operations, and Fractions at their own pace.

Now, the Mathbreakers' team is working with schools across San Francisco Bay Area to make Mathbreakers a part of the math curriculum in the computer lab. Our sales pitch is really fun, because we have an awesome product and our entry price is many times lower than the competition.

Warning -- kids may have a higher expectation for math apps and/or get unreasonably excited about mathematics after playing Mathbreakers!

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