Monday, September 1, 2014

Mathbreakers Goes Global

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a happy Labor Day! 

We have good news to share. We just had a very successful Kickstarter campaign. Yup. 469 backers, and we overshot our goals. How has life been after Kickstarter? We will tell you soon, and share pictures too. In the mean while, we have another exciting development we wanted to tell you about. Mathbreakers have gone global, people!

See, when we started working on the Kickstarter campaign, we were expecting responses from local schools, for the most part. We would have been happy with a couple of polite queries from a few schools in the East coast. Little did we expect Mathbreakers would get such enthusiasm from countries all over the world. We had teachers and parents write to us from UK, Canada, Spain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, India, and Ethiopia, among other places! Not only did we have dozens of schools writing to us from faraway lands, we had a ton of queries from schools all over the US as well. We are happy to say Mathbreakers accounts are now in use all over the globe. How neat is that!

Very. Very neat. This is really exciting!

We are grateful for all the love. THANK YOU! Suddenly the mad hours, the moments of self-doubt, the pile of empty pizza boxes lining up trash cans because we were too tired to either eat healthy or take the trash out..well, all of it seems so worth it. 

It does not matter whether you go to school in Bangladesh or Brazil, Math fundamentals form an integral part of the curriculum. The Mathbreakers game is easy to set up, and can be played individually by two siblings at home or 1,500 children as part of a school district. If you're a teacher, you can request an early access trial at

The world is clearly ready for Mathbreakers. Lets get smarter the fun way!

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