Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New "Battery" Machine. Add fractions to get a whole

One of the most fundamental parts of understanding fractions is their relationship to whole numbers.

For the enlightened, 1/2 + 1/2 = 1 is obvious -- but for the new fraction learner, it's totally confusing! Where did the 2s go? Why does this happen?

Mathbreakers has a simple, visual solution to this problem, with the use of the Sword gadget and the Battery machine. Here's how it works:

Use the sword to chop numbers (or make enemy defeating fractions). You can easily see that chopping a 1 yield two 1/2s.

But what about adding numbers together to get a whole? True, you could just throw a 1/2 ball at another 1/2, and it would add to 1 (since the basic rule of Mathbreakers is that when two numbers touch, they combine and add together). But, there's no apparent reason to do this. That's where the "Battery" machine comes in. This machine takes fractions in, and only operates when you completely fill it up, usually to 1.

Here's an example of putting the final 1/3 into a battery that already has 2/3 in it. By adding the final 1/3, you can see the battery completely fill up, reaching the 1, and there is a satisfying sound as the gears whir and the bridge lowers, opening up your next path.

And that's it! This machine is used several times in Mathbreakers -- to operate the machine, you must fill it up with fractions to reach a whole number. Try it today -- the full game is available at Mathbreakers.com/#getmathbreakers.

One parent approached us at a party and told us her six year old son learned fractions because of our game. Awesome! If you have kids who are struggling with fractions, this could open the door for them.

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