Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stanford University Presents Jo Boaler's MOOC - for math learners nationwide

We are proud to add Jo Boaler to our board of advisors this year! She is the "teacher of math teachers" and works at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. She's also a founder of

This summer, she will be offering two online courses for mathematics -- one for math learners, and one for math teachers. Mathbreakers will be mentioned in both courses as a math learning tool for grade school level.

We clicked with Jo right from the beginning. She's a pioneer in math learning and recognizes that schools are doing it all wrong. Children are becoming calculators and there is no real internal driver to learn math other than grades. In math class there is No play, No experimentation, Worksheets, Tests, Memorize for the test ..

No, no no -- Math is something to play with, to have fun with, to use for your own ends, and it should be experienced as something fun and useful, not as a chore. "Of course!" we cried. "That's why we built Mathbreakers!" There are a host of new learning tools that fit into this new paradigm, and we are really excited that our game is ahead of the times. (Hopefully, not too far ahead. ;-)

It also helps that she has two children who absolutely love the game!

If you're interested in learning more about Jo Boaler's course, signups for students are already available. You can find them here:

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